Hamas-Israel war: Netanyahu speaks of “progress” on the return of hostages

Lhe Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, reported “progress” on Tuesday in negotiations with Hamas on the release of hostages held in Gaza. “We are making progress. I don’t think it’s worth saying too much […] but I hope there will be good news soon,” he said at a military base in the north of the country, while discussions are underway mediated by Qatar, Egypt and the States -United.
Shortly after, his office announced, “in view of the developments concerning the release of our hostages”, a meeting of the war government in the evening. Qatar affirmed that an agreement was very close for the release of the hostages, in exchange for a truce in the Palestinian territory where the Israeli army continues its offensive against Hamas without respite.

An agreement close to being reached

Negotiators have “never been so close to an agreement”, according to Qatar, which is working with Cairo and Washington to try to free hostages kidnapped in Israel by Hamas, in power in the Gaza Strip, during his deadly attack of October 7. Benjamin Netanyahu did not make any reference to the ceasefire on Tuesday. “We will act for the return of security both in the south and in the north” of Israel, he declared: “We continue until victory. »

China calls for an “international peace conference”

Chinese President Xi Jinping called on Tuesday for an “international peace conference” to resolve the conflict between Israel and Hamas, during an extraordinary virtual summit of emerging Brics countries. “There can be no lasting peace and security in the Middle East without a just solution to the question of Palestine,” he said through an interpreter, calling for “organization in more quickly from an international conference for peace” in order to achieve “an international consensus”.

This conference would make it possible to “work towards a rapid solution to the question of Palestine that is comprehensive, just and lasting,” he added. “Since the outbreak of the last Israeli-Palestinian conflict, China has been actively promoting peace talks and a ceasefire,” underlined the Chinese president in his speech. Beijing “has provided humanitarian assistance to help alleviate the humanitarian distress in Gaza” and will continue to do so, he assured.

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