the results are alarming!

After 12 weeks of adventure broadcast on M6, the 18th season of “L’amour est dans le Pré”, presented by Karine Le Marchand, has just ended. Karine Le Marchand will meet the last candidates to discuss their results, thus completing previous interviews with participants such as Olivier, Jean-Paul and Julien. As for the program’s candidates, Christine, Perrine and Anaïs, they remain single at the end of this season. This unfortunate outcome is similar to that of their previous colleagues. Indeed, over the last ten years, only 12 of 42 farmers managed to find love. This discouraging result can be explained by various reasons.

« You have to have balls to go there«

Firstly, their profession, largely dominated by men. This constitutes a determining factor which undoubtedly limits the number of participants in “L’amour est dans le pré”. “ And among the 20% of women, there are many elderly, because they have taken over their husband’s farm“, explains François Purseigle, who is a professor of sociology at the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, specializing in the agricultural world, to the media Le Parisien. In addition, the profession of breeder “ is no longer a couple’s job“. She adds : ” 80% of farmers do not live with a spouse who works in the same sector and the possibility of finding their professional equivalent is low« .

Another barrier that deters women from signing up for the show is media exposure. « You have to have balls to go there. Seeing yourself on TV is still something for a woman. A man requires less preparation, while for us, if we want to feel good, we have to do our hair, put on makeup…“, explains Christine, who received a lot of criticism following her participation in the show. “ What we take as criticism on social networks is crazy! Me, we kept coming back to my wrinkles« .
Finally, when women have the courage to participate in “Love is in the meadow”, it is often the men who hesitate, especially since there are already a limited number of them looking at the portraits.
« Men are less likely to face the possibility of being rejected on screen. It’s still unfortunately ingrained in the culture“, explains Gabriella Mather, the producer of the program. Anaïs in turn says: « the level of requirements of girls is higher compared to certain farmers« . « We have so many expectations when we do this show that we want to have the perfect letter except… it doesn’t exist!“. Let’s hope that the next season of “Love is in the meadow” will be more successful for the candidates, with more favorable romantic opportunities!

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