Simon Castaldi: A radical physical change

By Roxane Fomberteau

– Modified 20 Nov 2023 at 20:16

Simon Castaldi hid this from us well! He is self-conscious about a small detail on his face. So neither one nor two, he makes it disappear!

It’s a real vaudeville that the trio Simon Castaldi, Cassandra Jullia and Adixia are playing for us at the moment. Finally… A vaudeville that has been going on for almost a year now! But with comings and goings depending on the weather it seems. Because, remember, Benjamin Castaldi’s son had fallen madly in love with Paga’s ex, Adixia. But the couple, consumed by the deceptions of “ 23 year old kid“, as the beautiful blonde is nicknamed, will not have resisted yet another reality TV show. Since Simon Castaldi does not intend to stop filming, in the tradition of his father, who was the one who presented the first French reality TV show, the young man is fully immersed in this little world. As for Benjamin Castaldi, he leaves room for young people! Particularly for the new season of Secret Story which should resume in 2024.

Simon Castaldi self-conscious?

As is often said, “ new look for new life“, well, it’s especially our national Cristina Cordula who says it. But ultimately isn’t this a theorem that we frequently apply in our lives? Of course yes ! Left, then again in a relationship with Cassandra, Simon Castaldi made a shattering revelation about a small complex which is ruining his life. So change your look!

This complex is none other than the color of his beard. Eh yes ! Simon Castaldi can’t stand having a blond goatee. We can clearly see that this “kid” is too young to have known the bi-taste malabars! Who remembers it? In short, if Cassandra’s darling has done a major cleaning on his Instagram. I might as well tell you, there is nothing left. He did not hesitate to share a photo of himself dying his beard. Result ? Maybe Cassandra will show us…

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