In the “shit” in Chile, Alexis Sanchez humiliates the federation

Annoyed after the draw conceded against Paraguay (0-0) last Friday, Alexis Sanchez let loose on the conditions within his selection. The Chilean striker denounced huge flaws in the facilities, at the risk of belittling his federation.

Rather discreet in the media, Alexis Sanchez knows how to make himself heard. The Inter Milan striker does not hesitate to rant if necessary. The opportunity presented itself last weekend. After the draw conceded against Paraguay (0-0) on Friday, the Chilean international criticized the local authorities because of the championship schedule.

Alexis Sanchez empties her bag

« You have to understand, study and experience footballsaid the former Olympique de Marseille player at a press conference. We don’t learn what football is. I come here and there are players who have not played a match during the week, because the national championship is stopped. It’s not me who can change that. The Chilean championship cannot be stopped for so long. ” But that’s not all. On his way, Alexis Sanchez denounced incredible conditions in the national team’s facilities.

« We also have problems in the stadiums. At the Juan Pinto Duran center, I would like to have a field worthy of the name, or a shower. There are three showers that don’t work and you have to wait for the other person to take a shower before you can take one. A selection cannot work like that. At Monumental Stadium, I was sitting and stretching and feces, ours, were coming out of the drain in the shower. So it’s a selection or a third division team? Everything adds up, it’s a set of things », Regretted the Chilean executive, not tender towards his federation which may not appreciate it.

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