Deadly brawl in Crépol: Gérald Darmanin denounces “wilding”

Un “despicable” and unacceptable act”. This is how Gérald Darmanin described on Monday the death of a 16-year-old boy, which occurred on Saturday evening in the middle of a brawl, during a local festival in the village of Crépol (Drôme), adding: “This is called wildness.

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The Minister of the Interior spoke on the set of the show C to you on France 5, where he was a guest. He specified during this televised intervention that the gendarmerie had already carried out “more than 70 hearings”.

Saturday evening in Crépol, while a “winter ball” bringing together 350 people was organized, “a group of individuals from outside” this town of 532 inhabitants tried to enter the village hall, according to the prosecutor of the Republic of Valencia Laurent de Caigny.

“It is a general bankruptcy of our society”

A “general brawl” followed after these people were barred from entering the room. A 16-year-old boy died from stabbings and two other seriously injured young men were hospitalized. In total, emergency services counted 17 victims aged 16 to 65, the majority of them men.

A dramatic event, which the minister does not intend to let pass. “What happened is absolutely despicable and unacceptable,” reacted Gérald Darmanin, adding: “What happened is not extremely clear or too clear: people who come from elsewhere and wanted force entry to this party and stabbings started. It’s called wildness.”

“It is a general failure of our society,” he lamented, saying that “there is a need to rethink the framework of authority.” “We must restore authority everywhere,” insisted Gérald Darmanin.

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