she poses in a bikini, visible cellulite

Criticisms have been part of Jessica Thivenin’s daily life since she was revealed on reality TV. The young woman now knows how to deal with it. Even if it’s not always obvious. Sometimes, Internet users are so virulent towards her that she has tears in her eyes. This was, for example, the case when a woman dared to wish her baby would die even though she was experiencing serious health problems related to her pregnancy. She then took advantage of one of her publications to clarify things. This time again, the pretty blonde was the target of new attacks. All this, because of a photo from her summer vacation in which she poses in a bikini. “ It’s not cellulite that’s ugly, it’s cosmetic surgery » could we read in the comments of his publication.

Jessica Thivenin breaks the silence and explains herself

Today followed by 6.1 million people, Jessica Thivenin is one of the most popular influencers of the moment. Unfortunately for her, these subscribers do not all carry her in their hearts. Some actually follow her, just to criticize her at the slightest opportunity. Faced with the attacks launched against her after the publication of this controversial photo, the young woman did not remain idle. Hence its clarification as follows: “ I always told you that skinny doesn’t always mean no cellulite! And I never hid it. In reality, the problem is that I eat very poorly. ».

Was that enough to calm the ardor of his haters? “ This is where we clearly see that what you are selling in your product placements is not working. The photos don’t lie » replied one of them. For her part, to justify herself, Jessica Thivenin continued: “ I don’t really pay attention here in France. I can’t do it, it’s vacation. It’s like that at Christmas too. France is hard on my cellulite. Family, friends, BBQs, evenings, outings ».

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