PSG-OM: Turpin and Letexier deprived of Classic, fans exult

Next Sunday evening, PSG and OM will face each other in the Ligue 1 Classic. For this always special meeting, Willy Delajod has been appointed as referee.

PSG and OM do not currently know the desired start to the season. Paris is showing improvement in play and attitudes but the balance sheet is very disappointing. Concerning the Phocaeans, they garnered more points but did not show much attractiveness on the pitch. The duel between the two rival teams on Sunday evening at the Parc des Princes will therefore be very interesting. Especially since sportingly, the gap between the two teams has narrowed. The decisions of the Classic referee will therefore be very important for the final result. For this PSG-OM, Willy Delajod will officiate.

A great first for Delajod

Willy Delajod is one of the youngest referees in our Ligue 1. At 30 years old, he will referee his first Classic. A very heavy responsibility for him and his assistants. Note that this will be the first time since September 13, 2020 that neither Clément Turpin, nor François Letexier, nor Benoît Bastien are chosen for a Ligue 1 Classic. As for the fans of the two teams, we appear above all relieved that the referees cited above have not been designated. “No Letexier, no Bastien, no Turpin, victory is therefore possible for OM”; “As long as it’s not Letexier, football is saved”; “At the moment, it’s not the referees, the problem. Nor the lawn..” ; “Incomprehensible, he has never refereed a big OM match. Only one OM – Rennes in 2021”; “The season where we don’t have Turpin we have Marcelino… We are cursed” ou encore “Ah, that’s a change from Letexier,” we could see in particular on Be careful that these meetings do not cause too much trouble physically and mentally.

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