A suitor of Love is in the Meadow makes a naughty proposition to her farmer!

This Monday, September 18, the 5th episode of season 18 of Amour est dans le Pré presented by Karine Le Marchand was broadcast. And this evening, the public was able to witness a fairly unique sequence! Everything happens between Patrice and one of his suitors, Véronique. After breakfast, she suggested to him the idea of ​​taking a shower with her two suitors. After the speed dating stage, the dairy cow breeder chose to welcome Justine and Véronique to his farm. Quickly, a rivalry arose between her two contenders. However, the 39-year-old farmer managed to ease tensions by whispering sweet nothings to them away from the cameras and bringing them small pastries for breakfast. “It’s the very first time that I have received a little attention like that from a woman… I was delighted, and they were smiling. This made me very happy!“, he shared. The atmosphere finally warmed up to the farmer’s delight.

“We take turns rubbing his back, right? »

After sharing this pleasant moment with his suitors, visibly satisfied, Patrice told them that he was going to take a shower. It was then that Véronique made a slightly naughty suggestion. “Take your time in the shower… Or, three of us could join you in the shower, it would go faster…”, Véronique joked at the table, causing laughter from everyone. She added with a mischievous smile: ” Well ! The conversations this morning… it looks promising! At least that would speed things up! » This suggestion quickly caused Justine’s amusement. She added with humor: “We take turns rubbing his back, right? » She then continued by saying: “I don’t think he’d say no, would he?” Two women rubbing his back is probably the dream of many men. » In front of the production cameras, Justine did not hide her desire to get closer to the farmer and to “give his back a hug”. Despite the enthusiasm and imagination of his two guests, Patrice remained silent and only gave a few slightly embarrassed smiles.

Patrice cools his suitors

Instead of accepting the invitation in the shower, Patrice made a different proposal to Véronique and Justine, pragmatic and focused on the tasks to be accomplished. The farmer suggested that they prepare lunch, during which they would meet his parents and neighbors, explaining to them: “There is still a lot of work in the kitchen, so as not to fall too far behind during the day. » A little cooled by this proposal, the two women finally agreed to give Patrice a hand. To be continued!

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