Unease at OM, the Tapie family needs money

The series on Bernard Tapie produced by Netflix is ​​causing a lot of talk, and his son Laurent, unhappy with this work, takes the opportunity to appeal for donations for the statue of his father. OM remains discreet.

The news around Bernard Tapie is coming back to the fore at the moment with the broadcast of a documentary-fiction about the life of the man who was a big boss, president of OM but also Minister. The businessman, who died in 2021, opposed this desire of his friend Jacques Ségéla’s son, Tristan, to make a series about his life for Netflix. The wish of the former “boss” of OM to see his children take care of such a thing was not respected, and the American video platform would never have accepted that the family of “Nanard” does not take on such a project. Since then, Stéphane Tapie has continued to criticize the series, its content and its storyline, denouncing “a piece of crap” and that Netflix was “pigeons”.

The statue of Tapie costs 260,000 euros

Bernard Tapie’s son also took advantage of this media exposure to carry out a project that is close to his heart, and has been for some time. Indeed, neither OM nor the city of Marseille wanted to take any steps to pay tribute to the sulphurous leader, who was the boss of OM, European champions in 1993, but also has some problems in the world of football. business, football and politics. As a result, Laurent Tapie has for several months been keen to finance a life-size statue of Bernard Tapie at the foot of the Vélodrome, and he is still asking donors to make an effort to reach 260,000 euros.

« This statue reproduces a scene from May 1993 when the team presented the Champions League at the Vélodrome, with my father carrying the cup. It was initially estimated that it would take between 250 and 300,000 euros to make the monument. The good news is that refining allows us to see that it is closer to 250,000 than 300,000 euros. Good, it’s a little easier. Of the 260, we raised two-thirds, that is to say 170,000 euros. We still need a little less than 100,000 euros », asked Laurent Tapie on La Provence, disappointed to see that, although there were large donations, particularly from businesses, only 1,400 people participated.

A Tapie forum, OM is not hot

We must believe that this initiative does not cause incredible enthusiasm and according to RMC, OM did not participate in this prize pool, despite regular contacts with the Tapie family. The family of the former “boss” would also like a stand at the Vélodrome to bear the name of Bernard Tapie, but here too, according to sports radio, this suggestion is a little embarrassing, and tends to make Laurent Tapie react. “ When Francis Borelli dies, there is the Francis Borelli stand (at the Parc des Princes). When Louis Nicollin died, Montpellier announced that its next stadium would be named after Louis Nicollin. And when the only president who brought back the Champions League dies, there is nothing. Zero. Neither training center nor grandstand »was surprised by the son of the former boss of OM, visibly disappointed by the lack of recognition towards his father.

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