Faudel transformed during the concert for Morocco: he is unrecognizable

Morocco was shaken by a violent earthquake on the night of September 8 to 9, 2023. A disaster which left more than 2,600 dead and 5,000 injured. It must be believed that the images of the drama were particularly shocking. Destroyed homes and infrastructure, corpses discovered under the rubble, enough to motivate the global compassion that ensued. Moreover, help came from everywhere the day after the tragedy. Faced with the scale of the damage, France could not sit idly by. A concert specially organized to collect donations for this country was broadcast live on M6 on Wednesday September 13. Which allowed the public to discover the new face of Faudel. This singing star of the 2000s has simply changed completely and this can be seen by the various comments that this appearance has generated.

20 years have passed since his moments of glory

On social networks, comments around this physical transformation of Faudel have sprung up everywhere. An Internet user exclaimed: “ In truth, it made me happy to see Faudel again. All these years, I wondered what had become of him. But on the other hand, shocked at the physical evolution, but hey, it’s normal. It’s been almost 20 years “. The singer had his heyday in the early 2000s. Since then, 20 long years have passed. Which explains why he has aged. Suffice it to say that nature has done its job.

These last few years have been particularly complicated for Faudel. While he was at the peak of his career in 2007, he suddenly experienced a dizzying descent into hell. All this because of his political commitment to Nicolas Sarkozy during the presidential elections. In February 2022, his improbable story was the subject of a report for Complément d’Enquête. It was an opportunity for him to look back on this relatively difficult period. “ I shouldn’t be in there because it wasn’t my place. I felt very bad, I had threats, lost everything, I received anonymous letters. My son has been attacked several times because of this. » he remembers.

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