Coignard: the Magistrates’ Union, branch of LFI

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CHRONIC. Created by left-wing judges, it has become the temple of a communitarian, wokist ideology indifferent to Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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LThe Magistracy Union (SM) at the Huma Festival this weekend! Not as a simple participant in a debate, in a round table, but almost as a co-organizer, as evidenced by the poster that SM bravely distributes on social networks. The judges even have a refreshment bar with “craft beer, wine, iced tea, homemade lemonade…” on the menu. A delight !

A 1958 ordinance, which has the value of an organic law, prohibits any political deliberation in the judiciary. But a decision of the Council of State in 1972, four years after the creation of the SM, indirectly recognized its legality. Since then, the question of the impartiality of politicized judges has been carefully avoided. But she re-emerges through the door and through all the windows.

The episode of the “wall of idiots”, in 2013,…

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