At war with Anaïs Camizuli, she explains the reasons for the conflict

By Julie Pacheco

– Published on 15 Sep 2023 at 10:00

Anaïs Camizuli refused to join the band of Marseillais in the Fifty. Manon explains the reasons for her hatred.

If you followed the C’est la famille program, you know that Manon and Julien went through a difficult period in their relationship. In fact, the young woman does not feel supported by her husband. Moreover, in order to save their marriage, Manon decided to follow couples therapy. Even if the sessions helped to improve the situation, the young woman still has things to reproach her dear one. Remember, a few weeks ago, Manon posted a video in tears on her social networks. In images, the young woman explained: “IHe’s horrible… He (Julien) barely understands me, I haven’t even sent him a message all day, I’m not a stupid girl… The guy is pissing me off like shit, already in front of his friends , but it’s not as if they weren’t used to it and in front of the production. It would have been someone else in front of the live, he would have responded kindly. But me, I’m a piece of shit who gets pissed off. »

Manon Marsault: Here is what Anaïs accuses her of

This year, Manon Marsault is participating in the very last season of Les Cinquante. Moreover, in a short time, the young woman created an alliance with the other Marseillais in the program. However, many candidates and viewers were surprised by Anaïs Camizuli’s reaction. A Marseillaise herself, the pretty brunette refused to ally herself with Manon Marsault.

In a story posted on her SnapChat account, Manon answers her fans’ questions. The young mother explains why Anaïs was angry with her: “ When I arrived in the castle, I had never seen her, I expected her to join us. I knew she had a problem with me when she said loud and clear that she would not be part of our alliance… We discussed it, it was not filmed. She told me we had someone in common with whom I had an argument. » Manon also understands that Manon was in solidarity with her friend.

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