Yann Barthès is rebuffed by two guests in Quotidien: “It’s out of fashion”

By Priscilla Goulet

– Modified Sep 14, 2023 at 11:00 p.m.

This Thursday, September 14, a new issue of Quotidien was broadcast on C8. Quotidien is known for exploring numerous themes while offering an entertaining approach to information. But, this evening, there was a slight disagreement between Yann Barthès and two of his guests. We’ll give you more details.

The show ” Daily “ has been back for more than a week already. Yann Barthès’ team welcomed new recruits such as comedian Rosa Bursztein, who takes over from Alison Wheeler. In addition, the columnists reserved a place for Jean-Michel Apathy, who now has a daily column on the talk show. Despite these changes, the format of the show remains unchanged, with its division into three distinct parts. No surprises! But, the news is always deciphered with a central guest, and throughout the program, other personalities can come and present their projects and participate in the debates, between two columns. In short, ” Daily ” continues to give voice to a wide range of speakers, which can sometimes lead to unexpected moments, such as the incident during which a guest suddenly left the stage. As master of ceremonies, Yann Barthès ensures that everything goes smoothly on the show with diplomacy.

Yann Barthès and gaming, that’s two!

The show ” Daily “ explores a wide range of social themes, which means it cannot ignore the influence of social media and the gaming world. Indeed, the columnists have already devoted segments to subjects such as Squeezie and his impressive record during the GP Explorer. On Thursday September 14, 2023, the team of “Quotidien” had the opportunity to welcome two well-known figures from the world of gaming, Kameto and LinLia. These e-sport players were present to discuss their discipline and their respective backgrounds.
From the start of the interview, Yann Barthès seemed to encounter some difficulties, despite his attention to his guests and their chosen field. “Welcome Kameto, you are 28 years old, you are the co-founder of the Karmine Cop…” Oops ! Amusedly, Kameto quickly corrected him by clarifying « Corp ! » The presenter then made another blunder by incorrectly pronouncing the name of the video game Valorant. He defended himself by saying: “I’ve been asking all day [comment on le prononçait]…” while accusing his teams of wanting to “make fun of [lui] » and directly. This highlighted a generational gap when Yann Barthès asked Kameto and LinLia if they still played Tetris or Snake. Gamers responded by explaining that these games were now outdated. Be careful, this is not the host’s first discomfort since the start of the school year! An update is necessary from Yann Barthès if he wants to stay in the game!

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