we know if Liliane and José are a couple in real life

It’s impossible to talk about the cult series Scènes de households without mentioning the emblematic characters Liliane and José. Since 2019, they have been the most famous fifty-year-old couple on M6. Actress Valérie Karsenti is also one of viewers’ favorites. For many, it is difficult to imagine Household Scenes continuing without her and her sidekick. The actress was recently interviewed by BuzzTV du Figaro about this. To which she initially explained that putting an end to her character had already crossed her mind. “It happened to me, because I am honest, to say to myself: ‘That’s it, I’m at the end’ ». She confided. However, she finally wanted to reassure her fans about her presence in the program. “Household Scenes brought me a lot. I always have fun. It’s also a luxury because it allows me to do exactly what I want on the side (…) But who has this freedom? And what’s more, I’m laughing. »

Domestic scenes: Valéry Karsenty and Frédérick Bouraly as a couple?

Furthermore, the proximity of Valéry Karsenty and Frédéric Bouraly in Scènes de households could suggest that they are a couple in real life. However, this is not the case. If many couples on set are or have been couples in real life, this is not the case for Valéry Karsenty and Frédéric Bouraly. Eh yes ! The two actors each have their respective families. Indeed, Valéry Karsenty has been in perfect love for more than 20 years with his companion François Feroleto. The actor has played several characters in series such as P.J. or Julie Lescaut. The couple even starred in the play Grand Écart together. Even more, the actress and the actor are the parents of two children, Léon and Chaïm.

Household Scenes is still as successful as ever

Frédéric Bouraly, for his part, has been living a beautiful romance for many years. It was on set that the actor fell under the spell of his costume designer, named Cécile. In 1988, they made their relationship official on the set of Vivement Lundi! In 2009, Valéry Karsenty’s sidekick and his sweetheart made their union official and said yes for life in front of their families and close friends. Frédéric Bouraly and his partner Cécile are also parents of two children, already adults.

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