she files a complaint against Julien Bert

Par Maureen Peron

– Published on Sep 14, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

Hilona Gos says more about the borrowed money affair which confronts her with her ex, Julien Bert. The latter would have been in police custody…

Last February, Hilona Gos broke the silence by sharing poignant videos revealing the dark facets of her relationship with her ex-partner, Julien Bert. She accused him of physical violence and fraud, thus exposing a painful chapter in her life. In one of the videos, Hilona revealed an audio where Julien Bert admitted to having behaved violently towards her. These revelations aroused strong emotion and much support online. In addition to the violence, Hilona also accused Julien of financial embezzlement. Thus affirming to have never recovered the sums owed to him despite the promises. Last April, she explained on her YouTube channel that she had not received any reimbursement and had had no contact from him.

Hilona Gos: “He was in police custody”

Following these accusations, Hilona decided to file a complaint against Julien Bert. The investigation was carried out seriously, and both parties were heard. Julien was even placed in police custody. Finally, the Aix-en-Provence court ordered a trial to be held in December. Hilona expressed her disappointment that the money owed to her has still not been returned. Thus, in front of the camera, the young influencer confides: “The investigation was carried out, I was interviewed, he was in police custody, I was called during his custody to answer questions about the money that was swindled. In the end, the Aix-en-Provence court decided to directly conclude the investigation and order a trial in December. Obviously, no money has been returned and we are waiting for the trial so that there can be deliberations, but I am still waiting…”.

This legal procedure highlights the importance of the fight against domestic violence and financial scams. Thus, this highlights the courage Hilona shows in publicly exposing her painful experience. In this way, she encourages other victims to break the silence. The young woman’s community continues to support her in her quest for justice and healing.

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