Ségolène Royal in TPMP, Internet users clash with her: “In 40 years, this is her best intervention”

This Thursday, September 14, a news new recruit has come to join the Touche pas à mon poste team! The announcement of the arrival of the woman who had competed against Nicolas Sarkozy during the 2007 presidential election had triggered numerous discussions. The former companion of François Hollande is thus attempting a return to television after announcing her intention to lead a left-wing union list in collaboration with France Insoumise during the next European elections. This news of his return to the screen had been very unexpected and had aroused a lot of anticipation and curiosity.

At the end of the previous August, Baba had revealed on France Info the underside of the arrival of the former minister in the C8 show. We then learned that it was she herself who, following a previous appearance in TPMP, had taken the initiative to contact Cyril Hanouna to discuss a possible collaboration. And now this collaboration is a reality! Ségolène Royal, who had held positions such as Minister Delegate for Families, Children and Persons with Disabilities as well as Minister Delegate for School Education under the government of Lionel Jospin between 1997 and 2002, chose for her very first intervention to address the delicate subject of sexual assault on children and adolescents, particularly within the family sphere. This former emblematic figure of the Socialist Party made his debut alongside Cyril Hanouna this Thursday evening to inaugurate his new sequence called “Ségolène explains”.

She is not a columnist, but a speaker

As soon as she arrived on the plateau, Ségolène Royal was keen to clarify that she was not a columnist, but rather a speaker whose objective was to decipher a current topic. This is probably the reason why she did not take her place among the usual columnists, remaining standing alongside Cyril Hanouna. This week, the former presidential candidate chose to address the delicate subject of sexual assault on children and adolescents, which she called the “worst crime that can exist” as an introduction. For around fifteen minutes, Ségolène Royal analyzed this theme, offering practical information for spotting unusual behavior in child victims of aggression, while giving indications on the detection of predators.

All in all Throughout her speech, the public showed great attention to the explanations of the former partner of François Hollande. However, this intervention and the timing chosen during the broadcast provoked divided reactions among Internet users: some praised the quality and relevance of this first appearance, while others felt that it had created a heavy atmosphere. In any case, Ségolène Royal was not unanimously accepted for this premiere!

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