PSG is scheming with Qatar, Tebas is disgusted

Pushed towards the exit, Marco Verratti brought 45 million euros to Paris Saint-Germain after his transfer to Al-Arabi. Enough to provoke the anger of Javier Tebas, the boss of La Liga still convinced that the Ile-de-France club is circumventing the rules of financial fair play.

Still open, the Qatar market allows Paris Saint-Germain to eject other undesirables. In addition to Julian Draxler, who is set to join Al-Ahli for 20 million euros, Marco Verratti signed for Al-Arabi in a 45 million euro transfer. Nice recipes collected for players pushed towards the exit. So unsurprisingly, these operations attracted the attention of Javier Tebas.

The president of La Liga remains more convinced than ever that Paris Saint-Germain and its Qatari leaders are circumventing the rules of financial fair play. PSG sells Verratti for 40 million euros to Qatar. They think we’re idiots? », blurted out the great detractor of the Ile-de-France club. Incidentally, the Spaniard also took advantage of his intervention to attack Ligue 1 and other European championships for their economic model. “ We see two clear patternshe noted. A viable one, in which we are with the Bundesliga, and another with losses with the English, Italian and French championships. »

Tebas also targets Ligue 1

« In the Premier League, for example, we allow shareholders and patrons to put up money to cover losses. In La Liga, the clubs have opted for a German-type model and UEFA also wants this model. But we could also adopt the model with unlimited losses which would be accepted as long as the owners cover them. This would bring about the arrival of Arab sheikhs and American magnates. We asked our clubs and most of them do not want this model », rejoiced Javier Tebas.

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