OM: Jacques-Henri Eyraud leaves Marseille with tears

Little appreciated by a good part of the supporters of Olympique de Marseille, Jacques-Henri Eyraud packed his bags from the McCourt group by leaving a comment in his own way on OM and the Marseillais.

Between Jacques-Henri Eyraud and OM, the story is officially over. Ejected from the seat of president in 2021 after a huge crisis with the supporters, who did not hesitate to invade the Commanderie to cause the fall of JHE, Eyraud still had an active role with Frank McCourt. In the shadow of Pablo Longoria, the new president, the 55-year-old French leader sat on the board of directors of the Marseille club with a certain power. But this will no longer be the case, since Eyraud has left OM for good. In any case, this is what he explained in a long post on LinkedIn this Thursday.

“OM is really more than a football club”

“It’s time for me to turn a page. And what a page! These 7 years have been exceptional in intensity, in discoveries, in learning, in encounters. A word also to thank the players. I could cite many. First the legend Steve Mandanda for his wisdom and everything he represents for this club. Dimitri Payet, this maestro, who brought us closer to the essence of sport: giving pleasure and producing unparalleled emotions. Finally, Luiz Gustavo, an exemplary man who does not cheat and who left an impression on me with his strength and above all his unlimited level of demands which OM so needs. OM is truly more than a football club, it is a beacon in the city, its primary source of pride. Our voices as managers, players and employees carry far. Going all over Marseille, not just to launch this wonderful project for a Castellane football club, getting in touch with the people of Marseille, local football players, allowed me to experience extremely powerful moments. In fact, I felt as many emotions at the Vélodrome as in certain encounters I had in the city”launched Eyraud.

With this departure, a page is being turned in Marseille, because despite all the criticism expressed around his declarations and his decisions, JHE still greatly contributed to the construction of the new modern OM. Advisor to McCourt in the takeover from Margarita Louis-Dreyfus in 2016, Eyraud worked on numerous files to put Marseille back at the top of the bill.

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