L1: Wanted in Marseille, Genesio attacks Amazon

Victim of a bad buzz on social networks for comments made about OM in the privacy of the Stade Francis Le Blé during Rennes’ draw at Brest at the beginning of the month, Bruno Genesio did not like the twist signed Amazon.

Off the record, French football players often discuss the different Ligue 1 clubs with sometimes more or less restraint. If most of the discussions inside the stadiums remain secret, certain sequences are released on social networks to create a little buzz. And the least we can say is that Bruno Genesio would have liked that a video in which we see him criticizing OM did not come out… Indeed, on September 2, on the sidelines of the match between Rennes and Brest, the Rennes coach did not hesitate to criticize Marseille with a certain irony.

Genesio made enemies in Marseille

“You had a good match. Against Marseille, you are well paid. So they have an ass like that! In the first four matches they play, they take eight points. But it’s 200% optimized”, had launched the former OL coach to his Brest counterpart Eric Roy. A pellet that caused a lot of noise on Twitter, and particularly in Marseille, where Genesio will surely be entitled to a stormy reception during the next OM-SRFC… Suffice it to say that Genesio still has it bad against Amazon Prime Video, the broadcaster having released this video before removing it.

“That really pissed me off.”

“That really upset me. If we want TV rights to increase, broadcasters need coaches and players. And we need them. But I think that it is not by having this kind of method that we can work well together. I made enemies in Marseille even though I really like this club. But it was especially the way it was done that irritated me.”launched the SRFC coach at a press conference, who should no longer give flowers to Amazon in the months to come.

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