Jacques Dion talks about his sister’s health

Celine Dion’s state of health is still worrying. Last December, the most internationally known Quebec singer made a terrible announcement on Instagram. In fact, she revealed that she suffered from a very rare neurological disease called stiff man syndrome. “These spasms affect my everyday life. I sometimes have a lot of difficulty walking and I can’t use my vocal cords to sing as I would like. Singing is what I’ve done my whole life, and for me to no longer be able to do it is unimaginable”, she confided. Reason why Céline Dion had to put her career on hold while waiting for her health to improve. Following this announcement, numerous rumors emerged on social networks. Faced with these noises from the corridor, Celine Dion’s sister broke the silence.

Jacques Dion sets things straight

Celine Dion fans have many questions. Fortunately, Claudette, the singer’s sister, gives news of the latter regularly. And it was during an interview with the Quebec media 7jours that Claudette Dion spoke about her sister’s condition. “Céline is doing the best she can. We know that her illness is particularly complex to treat, but she is surrounded by a team of competent specialists and she is doing everything she can. I have confidence in this team, my little sister has incredible moral strength and she is doing well”, she explained. Claudette Dion hopes that doctors will find a treatment for this terrible disease.

What is the latest health news from Celine Dion?

However, Celine Dion’s sister was not the only one to give news of the singer. Indeed, this Thursday, September 14, it is Jacques Dion, Céline Dion’s brother who spoke in turn. During an interview with the media Tele-Leisure, the latter was more reassuring about the condition of René-Charles’ mother. “Currently, everything that is happening around Céline’s illness is pure speculation.”, he confided. Subsequently, Celine Dion’s eldest added: “[Céline Dion] and her medical team are working with her. We do not have any expertise in the matter to say anything about his illness. It’s up to her specialists to keep us informed of her health, and for the moment, we know that she is doing well and working very hard.” An announcement that will delight many fans.

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