EA already signs the end clap for Wild Hearts?

At the start of the year, the giant Electronic Arts threw Wild Heartsa sort of competitor to Monster Hunter of Capcomand also marking one of the rare collaborations of the publisher with a Japanese partner, since the project was notably supervised by Koei Tecmo and its studio Omega Force.

Without necessarily having had a very laudatory reception, the critics nevertheless recognized a very nice but perfectible game.

But it seems that the American publisher has already signed the end of the game if we are to believe what our colleagues at Insider Gaming report. Indeed, Electronic Arts plans to end support for Wild Hearts game just seven months after launch. This news comes from a post on the game’s official Discord and its subreddit, through a moderator.

“What we feared for the game unfortunately seems to be confirmed,” said the moderator. “In line with EA’s habits, it seems that they have chosen not to continue investing in the game, probably considering it as the next Monster Hunter. It seems that the game has not achieved the expected success , which would have been several million dollars, and EA would not like to give it the attention necessary for its development.

Although the servers are likely to remain online, players should not expect additional content, updates, or fixes to appear in the future. An official announcement would be in preparation, according to the moderator.

Quick reminder: on the occasion of the publication of the financial results for the financial year ending March 31, 2023, Koei Tecmo announced that Wild Hearts had a successful launch but without providing sales figures.

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