Brest: investigation after the death of an 11-year-old girl at the CHU

The young Lilou, 11 years old, died at the Brest University Hospital when she was due for back surgery. An investigation was opened after a complaint was filed/

By VD with AFP

Lilou's parents particularly regret the lack of communication of the medical file from the hospital.  (Illustrative photo).
Lilou’s parents particularly regret the lack of communication of the medical file from the hospital. (Illustrative photo).

UAn investigation was opened after the death in August of an 11-year-old girl at Brest University Hospital, where she was to be operated on for scoliosis, we learned Thursday from consistent sources. The investigation into manslaughter was entrusted to departmental security investigators, Brest public prosecutor Camille Miansoni told AFP, confirming information from the daily Ouest-France.

“This is a little girl who was doing perfectly well and was going to return to 6th grade in September,” said the parents’ lawyer, Me Vincent Sehier. “Such a death is exceptional”, underlined Me Sehier, pointing to “chain errors” and a “lack of competence of the care team”.

“Still possible to save the child”

According to the lawyer, the teenager was admitted to Brest University Hospital on August 1 to undergo surgery for scoliosis. But the operation did not take place, the young girl having suffered a perforation of the trachea during the anesthesia. This perforation compressed the organs, including the heart, and “there was a deprivation of oxygen to the brain which caused the death of the child”, added the lawyer, who had the documents in the file analyzed. medical by five medical professors.

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After this perforation, “it was still possible to save the child,” said Me Sehier. “But the situation does not seem to have been understood and appropriate treatment decisions have not been made either. » The child’s death was noted on August 3. The parents filed a complaint on August 8.

Me Sehier, who regrets that the CHU did not send him all the requested medical documents, intends to obtain a contradictory medical expertise from the commission for conciliation and compensation for medical accidents. The Brest University Hospital did not want to communicate on the subject due to the “judicial investigation currently underway”, while presenting “all its condolences to the young girl’s family”. “We share their pain in this moment of mourning,” added the CHU.

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