serious incident on the island a few hours before the last Favilan advice

By Jason Mathurin

– Published on June 05, 2023 at 7:39 PM

Unheard of on the show! This year, Koh-Lanta, gives the right to incredible scenes. Like the evacuation of these candidates…

If we had to take stock of this Koh-Lanta season, it would be catastrophic. Indeed, we were treated to the most disconcerting sequences. Like, for example, the surprise abandonment of Benjamin, who we did not expect to see leave the adventure. “I had no more energy to give”, said the young fisherman from Marseille, who suffered an ear infection. Infection which forced him to go to the infirmary and not to return there, tired by this misadventure. Tania then returned to replace him. A candidate who broke a record, but not the most flattering. Indeed, the blonde was the most often cited during the advice to proceed with its elimination. However, she has an admirable career, since she is one of the finalists! Incredible but true. The adventure continues, and the number of castaways is limited. And there… Spectacular turn of events !

3 castaways in bad shape before the final advice

The noose is tightening for this 24th season of Koh-Lanta. While Denis Brogniart was waiting for the candidates during the council, now 3 of them must be evacuated urgently. A most unexpected twist, all in all, for our adventurers. Remember that, apart from events such as archery, poles and tutti quanti, adventurers must survive on the island thanks to natural resources. In short, skills that should not be taken for granted. Indeed, it is necessary to know how to be discerning, especially when it comes to food. But when they tasted a booty of about thirty crustaceans, nowa candidate feels nauseous. During her interview, Tania feels stomach cramps. And she’s not the only one ! Indeed, Frédéric and Quentin also have similar symptoms. Luckily, Julie and Nicolas have nothing…

When will the Koh-Lanta 2023 final be?

For the 3 companions in misfortune of Koh-Lanta, you will have to go through the infirmary box. Indeed, Frédéric, Quentin and Tania were urgently evacuated. ” I do not feel good. I have a stomach ache. I feel like throwing up. I believe that it’s something i ate there because as soon as I ate it all, I felt bad”, said the first. Quentin complains of having “dizziness, hot flashes, cold sweats”. A reprieve, which we hope was only short-lived, marking the elimination of Quentin. Especially as we get closer to the inevitable end. Nicolas and Julie blame the blow of loneliness on the camp. June 6 will mark a most decisive test. Namely, orienteering. It remains to be seen whether Tania and Frédéric will be on their feet again…

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