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By Priscilla Goulet

– Modified June 05, 2023 at 10:01 p.m.

This Monday, June 5, the TPMP team led by Cyril Hanouna returned to the departure of Matthieu Delormeau. But especially on the fact that Bernard Montiel took his place at the controls of TPMP People. The latter is accused of having taken the big head! We tell you everything!

This Monday, June 5, 2023, a new issue of Do not touch My TV was broadcast on C8. Like every evening, it was an opportunity to come back to the hot news of the moment! And on this Monday, Cyril Hanouna decided to come back to the dispute between Bernard Montiel and Matthieu Delormeau. Indeed, since Matthieu Delormeau decided to officially leave the show, it was Bernard Montiel who replaced him at the helm of TPMP People. Cyril Hanouna replaced the context of their estrangement: “You have been accused of retweeting messages that spoke ill of Matthew […] This matter is yours alone, but it seems that more and more people agree with Matthieu and that you have taken the boulard, the melon”.

From this revelation, Cyril Hanouna wanted to know the opinion of the chroniclers. So Bernard Montiel has taken the big head or not since his promotion within the chain? Everyone around the table answered with humor that yes. Bernard Montiel would have taken the melon since this announcement!

“For the past few days, Bernard has been asking to be called the Beyoncé of TNT. He took a certain melon”, joked Guillaume Genton. Danielle Moreau outbid by saying that he had rather “a field of melon”. Hugo Manos for his part mentioned the age of Bernard Montiel and considers this promotion as a “mishap”. “He doesn’t necessarily know Twitter well, he didn’t realize it was a retweet”, he quipped.

Then it was around the principal concerned to answer Baba’s question. So does he himself think he has taken the big head? “Yes Yes Yes” says Bernard Montiel, agreeing with his comrades. He continues, with humor and self-mockery: “If you want, when you have a safe bet like me, they keep me on the sidelines and as soon as there is something, hop, we call Bernard Montiel and he arrives smiling, magnificent, a bit like Belmondo” .

Bernard Montiel: Arrived at 66 years old, you don’t give a damn about everything«

Still in an offbeat tone, Bernard Montiel continues: “You also know Cyril there is a question of age. 66 it starts to hit a little on the face”. “What do you care now?Baba then replies. “Ah but I don’t care now”, replies Bernard Montiel before adding: “Is am very happy to do what I do. When you reach 66, you don’t give a damn about everything. While respecting others if we can”. He adds all the same, always sure of himself: “It’s true that after almost 40 years of career, we still say to ourselves if I’m still there, it’s very curious, see! There are many reasons”

“It’s curious, I confirm you”, jokes Cyril Hanouna. But Bernard Montiel throws at him: “If I dare ask you why are you keeping me?”So don’t ask me“, answers Cyril Hanouna. “There’s something that saves Bernard, it’s his self-mockery”, concludes Danielle Moreau. And she is right, her strength remains her humor to this Bernard!

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